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About Us


Baisley’s Interior and Exterior Construction Ltd was incorporated in 2004. With roots in residential construction and renovations, in a very short time, the company progressed into commercial and industrial projects for various clients in, both, the private and government sectors. 

The growth has been swift. From humble beginnings, operating out of a basement, to renting a commercial space, to purchasing it's first property, an almost 10,000 sq/ft building, with most of that floor space allocated to a manufacturing area that can be used year-round to prefabricate projects for clients, the company's drive and determination is always at it's forefront.

Baisley's is also family driven and supports the community by giving back where it can, as well as maintaining a good standing relationship with local and surrounding businesses.


So, whether it be as the general contractor, or for a general contractor, Baisley's reputation speaks for itself as a successful and trusted name for many residential, municipal, provincial, and federal projects. 


Let's meet the team:

Brent Baisley


Brent is a well known and trusted contractor with 35 years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial construction. 

He is extremely proud of creating a company and reputation that inspires confidence and will withstand the test of time to be passed on to his son and generations to come. 

"That's why it's called Baisley's."


Cindy Hayes


Bio coming soon...


Jennifer Terry


Jennifer has 20 years of experience in finance, payroll, and bookkeeping.

Jennifer has an affinity for organization and office management, having put those skills to work for several organizations over the years, ranging from not-for-profit agencies to railway corporations.

She recently relocated to Miramichi from Edmonton, Alberta, having discovered Miramichi during a year-long RV trip around North America, and its many qualities enticed her to make it her new home.


She joined Baisley's in July of 2018 and is looking forward to putting down new roots in the community, as well as becoming an integral part of the team here.




Baisley's team consists of licensed carpenters with many years of experience and intuitive problem solving capabilities. 

Big or small, regardless of the project, they strive for quality workmanship, while remaining professional, dedicated, and reliable. 

All our employees are safety trained, safety conscious, and safety orientated.

And, of course, they love what they do.

Baisley's is always looking for qualified and skilled individuals to add to our dedicated team. Contact us if you are interested in joining our organization.

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